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Removing the dust and lint from your homes ducts is an important step in maintaining air quality in your residence. Many people might simply overlook this due to the fact that you rarely see the inside of your vents, but it definitely has an affect on the quality of air you are breathing year round. Without a comprehensive vent or duct cleaning done annually at the very least, a buildup of dust, soot, and lint can  inhibit airflow and definitely become a fire hazard to your property.

Avoid Cheap Duct Cleaning Deals On Kijiji

As with many somewhat mandatory property maintenance tasks, the goal most people have is to reduce the cost for these line items and certainly not overpay. Winnipeg has tons of seemingly good deals on Kijiji or Groupon, but we’d caution against these for more than one reason. Primarily, it’s important to understand that a comprehensive job is going to require time and the proper type of equipment that can dislodge and remove all the dust build-up that’s been sitting in there. Better equipment means the ability to blow more air deeper into the vent and make sure they are left as clear and clean as possible.

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